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Live Centers, Dead Centers & Face Drivers

"We purchase PTM live centers and dead centers from ITA for a variety of reasons. Their centers with interchangeable point are an advantage for us, saving us money as well as saving us time. We find them to be high precision, high quality and they function very well. They manufacture special dead centers exactly to our specifications with a quick turnaround."

Mike Willman, Process Engineer
Ace Manufacturing Co.

PTM is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom
designed workholding products.

PTM offers a wide variety of products with emphasis on Live Centers, Dead Centers and Face Drivers for Turning, Grinding and Gear Cutting. PTM has established its reputation and achieved its success by offering products that ensure best performance, highest accuracy and longest life while keeping prices low.

PTM's extensive line of products are expertly crafted and manufactured with the highest quality materials available. In a word, PTM is fine craftsmanship at its best.

Live Centers

Live Centers
37 Page Catalog

Dead Centers

Dead Centers
12 Page Catalog

Face Drivers

Face Drivers
16 Page Catalog

  • Reduced head live centers
  • Extended spindle live centers
  • Variable (spring loaded) axial load live centers
  • Full length (heavy load) live centers
  • High precision/high speed live centers
  • Bull nose live centers
  • Half live centers
  • Interchangeable point live centers
  • Full dead centers
  • Half dead centers
  • Double pitch dead centers
  • Bull nose dead centers
  • Reduced point dead centers
  • Dead centers for test benches
  • Slotted dead centers
  • Dead centers with & without carbide tips
  • Interchangeable point dead centers
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PTM Dead Centers are manufactured utilizing the highest quality steel available completely hardened and ground to 61-63 Rc for improved quality and long life. Accuracy is guaranteed to +/-0.001 mm and +/-0.0015 mm for dead centers with interchangeable point. Carbide tipped centers are welded using the most advanced induction machines guaranteeing the most stable and strongest bond.

PTM Face Drivers are best used in the mass production of parts since they make it possible to reduce the clamping times in the various turning operations. Their extremely compact shape allows excellent approach of the tool to the workplace. They ensure safe driving even for parts that are not perfectly square cut. When the extended point is fitted it is also possible to machine shafts which have holes in the center.

To help our customers reduce their production costs and improve efficiency, many PTM live centers and dead centers are available with an extensive selection of interchangeable points for a variety of applications.

"We purchase PTM Dead Centers from ITA, Inc. and find them to be of excellent quality and accurate. We recently purchased a PTM Three Point Live Center and found it to be very rigid and accurate."

Tim Stump
Production Manager
Eastern Drillers Mfg. Co.

We also offer custom centers to meet our customers' specific requirements, with quick turnaround and very reasonable prices. PTM can hold tolerances that the competition can't.

  • Best Performance: Engineered for maximum tool clearance while providing the highest rigidity to the workpiece.

  • Highest Accuracy: Utilizing high quality material and components, innovative design and manufacturing practices.

  • Longest Life: All PTM products are manufactured to the highest standards and where required permanent lubricating grease and specially designed seals are used which guarantees to keep out fines and coolant including high pressure coolant.

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