ITA’s Large Selection of Points for Live and Dead Centers Cuts Costs

ITA’s Large Selection of Points for Live and Dead Centers Cuts Costs     Summary: ITA offers highly accurate, long-lasting Live Centers and Dead Centers with a wide assortment of interchangeable points to keep machining costs at a minimum. Berlin, Maryland (November 19, 2014) – To help machine shops reduce their production costs and improve efficiency, ITA offers high-quality PTM Live Centers and Dead Centers that come with a wide selection of interchangeable points for a variety of applications. “While interchangeable points are not a new concept, at ITA we stock a greater selection of sizes and shapes than many of our competitors,” says a company spokesperson. “Our customers like this because they can use the same center for a number of workholding applications, simply changing the point for a new application, or replacing it when it wears out instead of replacing the whole center. The cost savings are significant.” ITA carries…

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Noil Mist Collector Drawing

ITA Offers High-Efficiency Mist Collectors that Alleviate Workplace Hazards

Summary: To meet heightened concerns about health and safety in the workplace, ITA offers high-efficiency Mist Collectors that far exceed regulatory guidelines. Berlin, Maryland (November 12, 2014) – At a time when state and federal regulators may be moving toward tighter workplace safety requirements, ITA is assuring its customers that Coral Noil Mist Collectors far exceed minimum health and safety standards. Noil Mist Collectors remove both water-soluble and oil-based mist used in machine tool operations through a three-stage filtration system. In the first stage an impeller converts the mist back into a liquid and recovers the coolant for recycling. Next, a dense cellulose filter cartridge removes finely aspirated particles. A third-stage high-efficiency polyester filter rated 99.9% @ 2 micron particle size removes remaining particles. For shops that require an even greater degree of filtration, ITA offers customers a fourth stage Post Filter accessory that increases efficiency to 99.9% @ 0.3 micron particle…

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